Monday, May 11, 2015

Gavutu-Tanambogo Assault 2 Turn 8

It took a whole lot of time for the Marines to land on the North shore of Tanambogo. The presence of huts and the narrowness of the landable area took the best of 6 turns to get everyone on shore. Artillery fire from Gavutu and a few well placed MGs kept on breaking the marines in their attempt to encircle the hill.

The island is mostly in US hands now.

The East end of the island is still a kill zone for Japan, but the SLNF have been beaten back into a pile of HS on the reverse slope. There is no way for the americans to know whether the CG will result in a victory yet. Here is the deal:

The Gap in CVP favours Japan by about 20 CVPs. There may be up to 30 CVPs worth of IJA units left on the two islands. If the marines lose more than 10 CVPs, they will take the islands but lose the CG. 

So, once more, ASL pulls the edge-of-seat feeling as the US must now play 0 casualties while clearing another island with a double cave complex stuffed with HMGs, MMGs, a bunch of captured 60mm MTR and a 70mm INF. This calls for night action, landing the tanks, and keeping all toes and fingers crossed.