Sunday, July 20, 2014

Human Factors v0.2 Playtest 1 - ASL 102 - The point of the sword

I decided to try my Human Factors (HF) rules using a live scenario instead of playing small, context-less, setups. Here is a link to the rules to be playtested. Disclaimer: elite troops fighting in an open terrain are the least susceptible to these rules. I realized this quickly into turn 2. A better play test will be in a busier map and/or with lower quality troops.

Gist of the Human Factors rules

Units initiating movement or opening fire without the cue from a nearby friendly unit must pass a TC or be delayed. There is a bit more to it, but I want to keep it simple and add a level of unpredictability without altering gameplay too much. Passages relevant to the playtest are color coded in purple.

The Setup

The germans are going to use forward stone buildings to force the UK commando to bypass into an open area setup as a killing fields. The forward position is also strongly supported by many fields of fire. If the Brits/Canadians spend too much time on this, they remain exposed to dangerous fire. 

The UK is going to engage the Germans in an attempt to force their way into the village and discover the fortifications. They need to clear the way quickly so the Canadians can enter the board on turn 3, as pointed out by +Jackson Kwan  in his AAR.

Positions at Setup