Monday, February 9, 2015

19 - Backs to the Sea - An AAR.


I just bought Yanks! and am taking it for a spin. I read about the US infantry, but I have yet to see how they play out. The 2nd Ranger Bn, F Coy has its back to the cliffs of Normandy and are sitting tight as the first credible wave of 2nd line german rifles are launching an assault. All grain, buildings, junctions and bogs are shellholes. The numerical odds are over 2 to 1 for the germans. 

2Rng/F, concept of operation

The company is to screen the whole width of the AO and slowly trade terrain for time. Keep the germans at standoff range, using shellholes for cover before settling into the woods. 

726th Inf Rgt, concept of operation

We're facing US rangers: their standoff range is larger than ours, their firepower, and ability to fire in the AfPh makes them tough nuts to crack. They key here is to overwhelm by presenting too many targets, and overrun them while they run from our bullets. They don't remain broken for long! 

We are making a feint on our right, punching hard in the centre, with a credible push on the left.