Friday, July 17, 2015

[Crossing the Moro CG] T=0902 -- Rough start

The first turn of the CG was surprisingly lethal. The Germans are entering the map in plain sight. The infantry ran down the slopes to the cover of the wood, but were met with MMG and extremely accurate MTR fire (a 10-2 SMC directing is kind of helping). A squad of pioneer got wiped, and its 9-1 routed back up the hill. 

Where it hurt the most is by a stretch of lucky shots from the piddly *75 of the Shermans. Although the Pz IV kept moving, the difficult terrain got them to stick to the roads and paths where the meandering exposed their side armors. Three out of 4 Pz IV got eliminated in the first turn! Furthermore, the 10-2/60mm MTR broke the dm HMG positioned in a stone building at the edge of the map. 

The last Pz IVH eliminated one of the Sherman, at least. The Germans won't find true cover until they get into blind hexes. But this means that they'll have to run the gauntlet for 2 more turns, without armor support anymore.

North West approach: burning PZ IVH

North East Approach

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