Friday, June 5, 2015

A few Acres of Mud - Invitation

A Few Acres of Mud (AFAM) is recruiting field commanders to take part in a Regimental-level combined arm operation in the open terrains of Romania, spring of 1944. The situation will span up to 2 days of combat, the terrain is horrible, mobility and and information are more valuable than ammunition. More details are available to people committing to one side so as not to break operational surprise.

The open positions are for commanders either at the Regiment/Brigade OR Battalion level. The sides are the soviet's red army and the coalition of Germany and Romania. Task force commanders may be used sporadically to resolve ASL battles but the positions at this level aren't assigned from the start. Not all positions need to be filled to go forward. The engine used is the ASL rule set, and GURPS where out of ASL's scope. Overall operations will be handled abstractly (NOT in 2-minutes turns) while particular engagements will be resolved using ASL.

Mud is in effect, no kidding.


Commanders receive reports and issue orders. Players are on the ground, which impacts what they know and can do. The situation is summarized on a map.

  • Players should be available to typically respond a regular time span. Anywhere between a day and a few is fine (it is a game, let's not stress about it while keeping the ball rolling!).
  • No need to be familiar with ASL or GURPS for commanders above Company-level. Understanding of WW2 combined-arm operations and tactics is necessary.
  • Tactical combat will be made of tightly-framed, time limited scenarios on (masterfully crafted) custom maps.
  • The campaign will last for several weeks.

If you are interested, contact me by commenting on the post linking here so that I can pass you along my email address. Specify whether you want to play on the Soviet or German side, and whether you want to run at the Company, Battalion or Regiment level.

The map

Low Resolution Operational Map: 8km deep X 2 km wide.

Sample communications

Contact report

FROM: 206/II Rgt CO
TO: 27/206 CO
Romanian Inf Div retreating South of objective BLUE. German armored scouts briefly engaged along Iasi-Targu Frumos road. Possibly NOT elements of 24th panzer Div.

Operational Orders

SITUATION - GD/Arty have suppressed Soviet AT guns along route HELGA. Ju-88 are covering. Soviet resistance along route HELGA estimated as 1 AT Company (Coy) and 1 rifle Coy.

ORDER - SECURE route HELGA before 1530Z. DESTROY soviet's communication post on Hill 112.

INTENTION - A train of supply will depart the assembly area at 1530Z IF the road is secure. This is the last chance to ressuply today. Soviet AT guns must be destroyed or captured so that they cannot be recovered when you withdraw. Panzer Brigade 3 Co has the off-road capability to reach the communication post.



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