Saturday, May 16, 2015

Gavutu-Tanambogo - Conclusion of the CG

And thus ends the CG.  The second wave went well enough, with two Marines company committed and all remaining Naval OBA. Japan's grand plan was to make the US pay for each hex: they did.

By turn 9 of the 2nd assault period, there are not enough IJA squads left to eliminate to compensate for the US deficit on CVPs. I doubt that Japan can hold out for two more assault periods, but the US can't do it without unacceptable casualties.  The US didn't see this one coming until it was almost too late: getting the first wave completely wiped out will do this to the CG. 

The line when the outcome was decided.

Random Thoughts

  • Too much risks were taken in wave 1 trying to collapse caves that weren't unoccupied. DC aren't that effective against cave without the bonus when the cave is empty.
  • NOBA is useless in close support because two OBA cards must be drawn when within 6 hexes of friends.
  • Air strikes on enemies in the jungle have a high chance of ending in friendly fire.
  • Unarmored LV are deathtraps. 
  • Japan's defense must be made of concentrated fields of fire from cave locations and timely use of counter attacks. Japan can only win the CG by causing LOTS of CVP. 
    • Shooting from the other island and from caves makes it incredibly difficult for the US to deal with.
  • Conversely, US tactics must minimize loss. This implies an incompatible mixture of patience and seaborne assaults. 
  • This was a wild CG to play rulewise. But also a lot of fun. I'll play simpler ASL for a while but sure will come back one day to Gavutu and Tanambogo.

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